About Us

Our Approach

Lab218 is committed to finding better ways to create a better world. We believe in the power of cooperative partnerships – and that some of the most effective solutions to today’s social and environmental challenges will emerge from those works. 

Matt Jones

Our Story

Lab 218 began with Founder, Matt Jones, and a new role he accepted. “I was on a non-profit board, and the Founder/ Director stepped down. There was a long conversations as to whether the organization could/should continue. We had pretty good success in the start-up world, and had ‘a seat at the table’ with our key community leaders. I saw so much potential in the brand and network that we had built, so I said “let me run with it for 6 months,” and they did. Through that process I learned that my passion wasn’t just for start-ups…but for those that were being intentional about making the world a better place. That organization shifted its focus to Social Entrepreneurship, and is doing great things today. But I realized there is was a significant need for existing businesses to be offered some of the same insights we were offering our start-ups. 

With the dynamics being so different… I also knew that it would take a very different skill set to inspire and equip those companies. 

At the same time, I was watching my hometown go through a period of rapid growth – and realized that this growth was also bringing other challenges. We can look all around the country and find communities that have experienced these same things, but I wanted to know how we could be different. I believed it was though the work of Social Enterprise  – across the entire spectrum of what that includes.


From that, I launched Lab218 as it is today.

My goal is to offer our insights and abilities to make things better.”

Next Steps…

We can help you find the right solution for your business – one that makes sense for you, and helps to make the world a better place!