How quickly can I get my order?

  • Orders received by 2 pm CST ship out that day.
  • Orders placed for local Huntsville pick up are notified by text/email when they are ready. Pick up orders placed after 3 pm are ready after 10 am the following day.


I work in a dental office. Will these fit over my loupes/lights?

This is really a multi part question.

As for the fit: We have heard (and seen pictures) of several people who were able to make that work without any issues. However, with so many variations from those manufactures, etc. we are hesitant to promise you that this product will comfortably fit over yours.

As for dental office usage: We are getting mixed feedback on how the lights and loupes amplify the imperfections in the PET and PVC materials. 

Disposable materials do not have the same clarity and durability of more expensive reusable materials. Our products are designed to give you a lower overall cost by utilizing a hybrid approach with a reusable frame and a disposable visor/shield. 

Do you offer any other shield/visor options?

We currently offer our shields/visors in 2 materials: PET, which is the same plastic material used for disposable water bottles and PVC, which has a 'non-glare' quality to it, and is slightly less clear than PET. Our PVC products are typically less expense and targeted for general use.

How do put my face shield together? 

  • Hold the frame in your left hand with the opening away from you.
  • Hold the visor/shield in your right hand, with the end with the holes closest to the frame.
  • Line up the holes on the visor/shield with the bumps on the front of the frame
  • Starting with the hole and bump on the end away from you. Hook the bump into the corresponding hole, and repeat moving closer to you with each hole. 
  • For the final hole, put your thumb under the tab that supports the last bump and push up. This will allow the frame to bend and the final hole and bump to align.

How do I remove/replace my visor/shield? 

  • Gently pull up on one end of the shield/visor and peel it away from the frame. 
  • Replace with a new disposable visor by following the steps in FAQ "How do I put my face shield together" 

Can I clean my Face Shield? 

Yes and no. The frame is made from a material (polypropylene) that can be cleaned and reused many times. If you have access to an autoclave or a STATIM, that is our recommended cleaning process. You can also use Isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the frame. For "Disposable Shields" we recommend not reusing them, but if you need to (due to lack of replacements, etc. you can also wipe them down with isopropyl alcohol. 


Is this a 3D printed frame?


This design is similar to the open source design that thousands of individuals printed on their 3D printers to fill the gap during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis. However, there are significant improvements in both design and materials.

This frame is made entirely from polyprolelyne at an injection molding facility in Alabama that is ISO 9000:2015 compliant.

Why don't you accept returns?

Due the current primary purpose of use of this product, we are not accepting returns. If you feel this product has not met your expectations or has a material flaw, please contact us to discuss possible remedies for the situation. 


Is this NIH/FDA/OSHA, etc approved?

This item is manufactured under the following provision in FDA guidelines: 

"On April 9, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in response to concerns relating to insufficient supply and availability of face shields1" Full text can be found HERE

What connection does this have to #HuntsvilleFightingCovid? 

This business grew out of the local effort (#HFC) to get face shields to as many medical people as quickly as possible. That effort evolved to the production of this product as a free item. As the charitable donations dwindled and the volunteer base grew weary, Matt Jones, the CEO of Lab218 stepped in and offered to develop a Social Enterprise model that would create a sustainable path forward. Matt has acquired the rights to use the injection molds that were developed as part of the #HFC project. In return, Lab218 agreed to continue to move product to under-resourced entities and give a fixed percentage of all profits back to the community that helped to get the project going in the first place (this is known as a Social Enterprise). Another part of this agreement is that Lab218 will help ramp up production and distribution (at low to no cost) of product should another such outbreak occur, and normal supply chains are unable to meet the demand. 

Is this a sterile packaged product?

No. While we have taken several additional steps to protect these products from possible contamination during manufacturing and processing, we suggest you assume that all the materials need to be prepared for use according to the standards for your working environment. 

Do they come in other colors?

Currently, Blue is the only color for the Open Brow Head Frame, and Green is the only color for the Closed Brow Head Frame.


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